Graftobian Makeup Kit & Teeth Combo – Vampire (Female Teeth)

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1)This Vampire Makeup Kit contains all the makeup you need to become a Vampiric fiend of the night: A premium creme wheel with 5 cremes; 1 foundation color with 4 detailing or accent shades,1/4 oz bottle of Blood gel (coagulated, non-drying),1 Black lining pencil, Face powder and puff to powder over and set the makeup so it will not smear or rub off, Sponge wedges for makeup application, 1 Lining & detailing brush, Complete step-by-step instructions; complete instructions to create a realistic Vampire or Vampires. 2) Scarecrow Fangs are known around the world as THE fangs to have. With a special NEW system of customization, these are the most realistic looking teeth on the market. These Petite teeth are a bit smaller, making it more comfortable with those with smaller teeth. This kit includes a cool crypt case, complete instruction sheet, and enough customization supplies to fit the teeth a couple of times.



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