LashRescue Lash Enhancer – Natural Eyelash Growth Serum for Longer, Thicker & Fuller Eyelashes with Applicator Brush – 2.1 ml

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Formulated using the latest science in the beauty industry unique balance of bioavailable polypeptides and oligopeptides which stimulate keratin genes and help regulate the phases of eyelash growth. Synergies of ‘Nature & science in sync’ provide the optimum condition for the eyelash hair bulb to get the nourishment to rejuvenate cells and help grow new eyelashes. This synergy helps condition/moisturize the lashes and surrounding eye area. LashRescue is formulated with propriety blend that is clinically proven for their functionality, effectiveness, and mildness, combined by fusion of Polypeptides, Vitamins, and Botanicals to further beautify and nourish eyelashes. LashRescue will bring fullness, thickness, and length to eyelashes with continuous used. Polypeptides: Effect on the cycle of hair growth, reduce the hair loss and enhance new growth. Bioavailable Lipo-Oligopeptides stimulate Keratin genes. Vitamins: Nourish, Repair, Strengthen Eyelashes. Botanicals: Natural sources proven to help enhance hair growth. A Natural alternative to the prescription products Pure Cosmetic, not a drug No side effects No yellowing of eyes and darkening of the skin around the eye are which are know side effects of “Latisse” Mild and gentle. Contact lens user friendly Latest technology with clinical proof Each LashRescue will last up to 2-3 months use Provides thickness, length, and strength to eyelashes Can be used while using false lashes Safe for contact lens users Can be used on eyebrows to fill the empty spots Can be used under eye makeup Recommended to be used once a day on clean dry skin and preferably at night No hormones or Prostaglandin – ingredients under investigation by FDA



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